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ARD in a General Impairment Case

ARD in a General Impairment Case If I have a General Impairment case and the District Attorney offers me ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in a case where I believe I am not guilty, should I take ARD? This is a very difficult question. The reason the question is difficult is that the only real difference is the risk of a permanent record if you are convicted. For general impairment first… Read More »

ARD | Drivers License

ARD | Drivers License I was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Philadelphia. I have a Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney. I am very happy with the lawyer, but I am confused. I don’t think I did any thing wrong. I think I should be found not guilty. My lawyer tells me that I am ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) eligible and she wants to apply me for ARD. She told… Read More »

ARD a Second Time

ARD a Second Time Can I get ARD a second time? You can get ARD twice. ARD is always at the discretion of the District Attorney so long as they do not discriminate due to race or gender. However, there are many rules concerning ARD twice. The relevant portion of the statute, sec. 3807(a)(2), states: (2) The attorney for the Commonwealth shall not submit a charge brought under this chapter… Read More »