Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney

November 29, 2013 Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire

Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney

Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney

Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire, is an experienced and aggressive Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney. Brian has successfully handled hundreds of Driving Under the Influence cases in Philadelphia and other counties in PA. Mr. Zeiger is experienced as a Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney in both trial by judge and trial by jury because the fight is never over.

Mr. Zeiger has also successfully argued various appeals throughout Pennsylvania as a Philadelphia DUI Defense Attorney. Often times when people are told their cases are “over”, Brian knows how to appeal the case through the system to keep his clients out of custody, including a de novo appeal to the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia and appeal bail while the matter is pending in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania or the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The fight is never over.

Mr. Zeiger is a native Philadelphian who grew up in Northeast Philly, and he has not forgotten his roots. He understands people and human nature; his clients respect his incites in the “Philly” system of law. He keeps punching. Mr. Zeiger has handled so many DUI cases throughout his career, the issues surrounding DUI cases are routine to him. Mr. Zeiger has handled multiple motions to suppress stops, seizures, statements, refusals, and checkpoints. He knows the two hour motion, the twenty minute motion, and how to get weekends on 90 day cases. He’s ready to fight for you; he see’s red and he’s ready to run like a bull in Pamplona. The fight is never over.

Mr. Zeiger fights in court for his client, but he also fights outside of the courtroom. He has obtained ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) for many of his clients. Mr. Zeiger applies for ARD for clients where other lawyers don’t even bother because they think their clients are not eligible. Zeiger goes the extra mile because he believes the fight is never over.

Mr. Zeiger’s firm, Levin & Zeiger LLP, also handles expungements after successful DUI outcomes. Levin & Zeiger LLP offers full service expungements, meaning the lawyers handle all of the work. Our expungement process includes the filing of the expungement, appearing in court, getting the expungement granted, obtaining the signed order from the court, serving the order on all government agencies, and following up with the Pennsylvania State Police to ensure the record of the arrest has been destroyed. People are only eligible for expungement when the case is: not guilty, successfully completed ARD, dismissed or nolle prossed.

Lastly, Mr. Zeiger has successfully handled Driving Under the Influence cases in many other counties in Pennsylvania. Mr. Zeiger routinely travels to Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Northampton counties for his clients. However, Mr. Zeiger will travel to any county in Pennsylvania at his client’s request.

When his lawyer friends talk about him, they say, “He gives me a headache. Fine. We’ll give him what he wants.”

Check him out on on Google+ at Brian J Zeiger, Esquire, and contact him now for a free consultation:

The Zeiger Firm
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Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 825-5183

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